Les lieux offers professional services in landscape architecture and support individuals, cities, institutions, firms of architects and landscape architects

Louise Blanchet

Louise Blanchet

Président et landscape architect

A landscape architect and horticulturist recognized for her communicative passion for urban design and gardens, Louise has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of landscaping. His career unfolds in urban contexts, natural environments, institutional as well as residential. Lover of flora and gardens, the development concepts give pride of place to plants and the experience of the place. His practice is distinguished by the agility of working at various scales and moving from directing a master plan for a large park to the detailed design of a residential garden. She has been at the head of numerous award-winning projects awarded by the Association of Landscape Architects of Canada (AAPC) and the Association of Professional Landscapers of Quebec (APPQ). Since 2019, she has been a lecturer in landscape architecture workshops at the University of Montreal and founded les lieux, a professional services firm in landscape architecture that supports individuals, cities, institutions, architects and landscape architects.